Workshop: End-to-end Machine Learning with Amazon SageMaker

Learn from Julien Simon who is an internationally known expert on AI & ML on AWS platform
10th March 2018 (10:00 AM to 06:00 PM), Park Plaza, Bangalore


In this workshop, we will use Amazon SageMaker to build, train and host Machine Learning models. Going through a number of Jupyter notebooks, you will first learn how to use built-in algorithms to perform complex tasks like image classification or clustering. Then, we’ll see how you can bring your own Tensorflow or Apache MXNet script to train Deep Learning models. Finally, you will deploy your models to SageMaker-maneged infrastructure and use them to predict new samples.

Topics Covered / What You Will Learn

  • What Amazon SageMaker is
  • How to build end-to-end Machine Learning workflows on Amazon SageMaker
  • How to use built-in ML algorithms for classification, image recognition, etc.
  • How to bring your own model, your own training code, etc.
  • And more..

USP of the Workshop

Julien is an internationally known expert on AI & ML on AWS platform. He is presenting & conducting a hands-on workshop for the first time in India. What’s better way to learn about AWS AI & ML services than learning from Julien himself?!

Workshop Pre-requisites

  • AWS account
  • Familiarity with AWS services (IAM, S3, EC2, etc)
  • Familiarity with Python

Please bring-in your laptops for the hands-on coding.

As the Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Evangelist for EMEA, Julien focuses on helping developers and enterprises bring their ideas to life. He's also actively blogging at Prior to joining AWS, Julien served for 10 years as CTO/VP Engineering in top-tier web startups where he led large Software and Ops teams in charge of thousands of servers worldwide. In the process, he fought his way through a wide range of technical, business and procurement issues, which helped him gain a deep understanding of physical infrastructure, its limitations and how cloud computing can help. Last but not least, Julien holds all seven AWS certifications.