Alka Nair


Alka Nair is part of the application engineering team at MathWorks focusing on technical computing. She works with customers to address their challenges using MathWorks products and services. Her areas of interest include data analytics, high performance computing, image processing, and computer vision. She completed her M.S. in electrical engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras specializing in the area of image processing and B.Tech from Calicut University.

Session: Developing and Deploying Deep Learning Based Computer Vision Systems

Deep Learning is enabling a wide range of computer vision applications from advanced driver assistance systems to sophisticated medical diagnostic devices. However, designing and deploying these applications involve a lot of challenges like handling large datasets, developing optimized models, effectively performing GPU computing and efficiently deploying deep learning models to embedded boards like NVIDIA Jetson. This session illustrates how MATLAB supports all phases of this workflow starting with algorithm design to automatically generating portable and optimized CUDA code helping engineers and scientists address the commonly observed challenges in deep learning workflow.