Levent Akyil


Levent Akyil is Worldwide engineering manager in Developer Products Division within Software and Services Group at Intel. Over the past 17 years, he has held several positions in various divisions at Intel. Akyil worked on first Intel® Itanium® processor based platforms, InfiniBand fabric technologies, first 4-way and higher enterprise servers, and performance & parallel programming tools. He is currently based in Munich (Germany) and manages the technical consulting engineering team for Intel Software Developer Products. His team provides technical consulting for Intel’s developer products across various segments such as technical computing, embedded and automotive. Akyil has an MS in computer science and an MBA in technology and innovation management.

Session: Turn AI into your strategic advantage

AI is transforming industries by spotting financial fraud, identifying manufacturing errors, diagnosing heart disease, finding missing children, and optimizing crop yields. Business, science, and academia are using AI applications — in the data center, the cloud, and at the edge — supported by a broad, growing portfolio of AI & ML technologies. Levent will explain how to make AI initiatives practical and straightforward. He will also cover how Intel has invested in software to provide you the latest tools and technologies that can transform your Machine learning and deep learning initiatives