Madhusudan Shekar


Madhusudan Shekar is a Principal Technical Evangelist at Amazon Internet Services Private Limited and has been working on cloud computing technologies from 2008. He engages with organizations of all sizes, from startups and large enterprises to enable them to adopt and be successful with AWS Cloud. He has over 20 years of experience in developing large scale systems for telecommunications, media, automotive and financial services industries.

He loves to talk about building a connected-intelligent enterprise and enabling great customer experiences through connected smart technologies. Prior to AWS he built the connected fleet management system TATA Fleetman for automotive OEM TATA Motors and built the third party API gateway for enterprise smart payment systems at Ezetap. He is an active speaker at several events and runs innovation and devops workshops for large enterprises.

Session: Building Smart Applications Using AI/ML Services

In this session, you can learn about embedding machine learning capabilities into your application using Amazon ML Services. Madhu will introduce you to the services and mechanisms to add chat, voice, image and video recognition, translation, capabilities through which you can build powerful engaging applications.